Melones Oil Ternminal Inc.
HFO & Diesel Storage Facility, Pacific side– Panama
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Welcome to

Melones Oil Terminal

Bunker and Deisel storage facility. Pacific Coast, Republic of Panama.

Our Company Melones Oil Terminal Inc.

Melones Island - Costa del Pácifico, Panamá

Meloens Oil Terminal, inc. Is a Panamanian company dedicated to the storage of hydrocarbons. Providing our clients with a regional center of redistribution of hydrocarbons, we fulfill the needs of current and potential users of the Panama Canal.

Our mission is to position Panama as a HUB for hydrocarbons, providing our clients a facility that can service both Export markets and the needs of current Panama Canal users.


Our Terminal has 16 tanks for a total storage capacity of 2,100,000 barrels (338,000 cbm) of storage for HFO & Diesel.

Facilities - The Pier

Pier has a “T” shape design allowing up to (4) barges to be loaded simultaneously, or one (1) tanker and two (2) barges simultaneously.

Speed of Service

Inbound rate for tankers set at 17,500 bph and out bound up to 3,500 bph for barges.